Stages of SSB Interview Preparation

Here we will divide SSB Interview preparation in several stages. Candidates who have cleared written NDA exam must be thinking from where to start. This article will help them.

    1. Know SSB :

      If you recognize your enemy well, you've got won the war already


      . this is often true for exams too, solely that there's no enemy and no killing. If you recognize what all goes to return in SSB, what all is there's the tests, then you'll clearly prepare well for it. thus devote currently to grasp the SSB. Scan all what you'll to know what all is there in every check. What's the pattern, what's the syllabus?


Start your fitness regime: begin delicate cardiopulmonary exercise and stamina building exercises. going in form takes time. You’ll want plenty of stamina and strength for the long period of tests in SSB. additionally the bottom Tasks need a good fitness level.

  1. Know General Awareness : Start with GA: you've got begin engaged on your General Awareness. begin reading the newspaper, create notes concerning details. Collect information  on probable topics of GD. Scan the maximum amount as you'll be ready with it.
  2. Know yourself : Self-Awareness: Write down everything you would like to grasp concerning yourself and your close to ones. This includes your positives, negatives, achievements. essentially associate reflexion of your temperament. Your hobbies, interests and knowledge associated with that.
  3. Time yourself: begin with the PPT’s obtainable for TAT, WAT and SRT. they are available with associate automatic timer. you'll time yourself to perform in sure period pro re nata within the SSB. each Psychological check in SSB is time certain, which is their manner of making pressure on you. you would like to apply to assume quick at the spur of the instant. Write your SDT also.
  4. Public Speaking: begin active speaking , this may not solely facilitate in presentation however in each task that needs speaking.

      6 :Read about the Forces: Gather basic and vital info associated with the Armed 

          Force you've got applied for. this may embody info like commands, Chief of 

           employees, recent procurements and ranks etc.

Keep calm and give your best for your name in NDA result!